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Need help in Exclude list

Created: 10 Oct 2012 | 3 comments

Hi Team,

Please help me on the below.

I need to exclude 2 drives from the backup.

I have done the below but both drives are comming again and failing RC90

I have tried like below.









and the backup selection is All local drives



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Andy Welburn's picture

Have you multiple data streams enabled also in the policy?

The data streams are created before the exclude lists are read, so a job will be created before nothing is subsequently backed up - used to result in EC=71 but I s'pose EC=90 also matches somewhat?

*If* this *is* the case then the only way around it would be to disable multiple data streams in the policy, or specify exactly the drives you want backed up in the backup selection & forgo exclude lists.

Marianne's picture

is the correct way to exclude contents of drive letters.

See this TN:

It is perfectly normal to see a job for excluded drive letter - empty mount point will be backed up with size of 32 KB.
This is because ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES are evaluated before Exclude List is applied.
If the above exclude list is still producing status 90, please ensure bpbkar log folder exists on the client.
Please post bpbkar log after next failure (rename log to bpbkar.txt and upload as File attachment).

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Gopi4sl's picture

Thanks  Andy, yes Multipul data stream enabled.

Thanks Marianne. it is failling with exclude list of I:\* F:\*. i will get bpbkr logs.


Gopinath S