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need help exporting, saving, or Reporting Catalog or backup set information!!

Created: 30 Sep 2012 | 3 comments

I been having an issue with my backups. Now i need to export backup set information ie files, folders and size information, to ANY form so i can compare that to another backup set to see what is missing etc. Now we use an encryption for which i have the password. But after googling and searching i cant find any solution be it with BEMCLI , or trying to make a report, or even querying the BEDB database.

I know i could enable logging and get a list that way but this is for backups done in the past and that will only help going forward.

Please Obi Wan symantec your my only help

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You can use CatTools to dump the catalogs.  For each catalog/backup set, it will list all the files backed up.  See

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Yes i know about this tool but im using backup exec 2012 64bit and it doesnt work, seems they havent made a combatable tool for 2012