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Need help! Getting error code 84 when backing up only Drive E:

Created: 08 Oct 2010 | 5 comments

Hi Everyone,

I encountered an error code 84 when backing up 1 drive which is Drive C: of 1 client only, the rest of the local drives (C: and D:) are successful. I tried stop the RSM service of the affected client, still error occurs. I assume that there is problem with the client itself bec. backup is running OK on other client.

Can someone help me please on this.

You help higly appreciated.

Thanks you.

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STATUS CODE: Receiving status code 84 when backing up the NetBackup catalogs to disk.

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Are you backing up the client to a disk storage unit or to a tape?

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I'm backing up to tape. The issue is weird because it only fails when the drive E: is being backed up. Based on my observation the backup of drive E fails when it reaches total kb written to 145000000. Below are the troubleshooting done.

1. Replaced the media.

2. Restarted the netbackup client service.

3. Created a policy and backup 1 file/folder located in Drive E - Backup successful.

4. Edited the ad-hoc policy and backup the whole drive E - Encountered Error code 84.

I'm not getting any information on the bptm logs that causes the issue. Please take note the backup is running OK on other clients.

Thank you

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Please increase the logging for bptm to level 5 and report back. Also check the system logs for clues around the time the error occurs.


Riaan Badenhorst

ITs easy :)

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Error 84 is a nasty error and sometimes it is difficult to understand and fix it.
In general error 84 is used by netbackup for every error in the data path, that can not understand (not netbackup related). Error 84 could be a faulty fiber, a network error or a client timeout error etc...

You can also try to backup the drive to a disk storage unit and, if you have, to another media server, to eliminate some possible problems.