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Need help parsing the PECTAgent.log for a winpe boot menu.

Created: 11 Apr 2014 | 5 comments

I need help in parsing the pectagent.log file located in \program files\altiris\altiris agent\logs folder of a winpe4 image...

I need the help of a vbscript guru to parse content of the this file to display the current status of the agent and the for it to read the connecting task server.

I will use this code in building a hta menu that maps a drive to the deployment share of the connecting task server, and display the image.

I would like for the script to poll for changes in the pectagent.log file every 30 seconds.

Any help in writing this would be mucho helpful.


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The task server is known in the console and there is a way to run a script against a system that will map to your task server from the console.  Would that be sufficient?

What are you trying to gain by polling the logs every 30 seconds?

I think it's possible what you want to do may be easier another way.

Finally, have you considered 7.5?  There's a built-in menu in 7.5...

Thomas Baird
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My desire is to build a hta boot menu that technicans can use to perform pct captures and image computer without them having them use the console.

My goal is to parse the pectagent.log for a valid connection to Task Server, check that the winpe ip subnet matches the task Server Subnet, and prompt for a network login, upon successfuly login, the script will detect and check for the deployment share and applicable task handler files and folder and then present a menu to do a pct capture and or image the pc.

Currenlty I don't know of a way that DS 7.1 or 7.5, can be used to eliminate the console use for technician to perform Images jobs or pct captures.

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Have you ever used Initial Deployment?  It prompts the user / technician completely independent of the console with a menu they can manually select a job from and then performs it.  You can have as many jobs as you want on that menu to do whatever you want.

Initial Deployment as you well know only works on "new" computers.

If you've used DS 7.1 for any time at all, you know that if you boot a system that is "known" by the SMP into automation without a job assigned, it sits and does nothing, right?

Well, this is where DS 7.5 changed things.  There is still the "initial deployment" menu that works for new systems, but there is, on the same page, a managed deployment menu for managed computers that end up in automation with no jobs assigned.

It pops up a menu and lets the tech select the job.

Sounds a LOT like what you want, and it's built in to the product.

That, plus the fact that 7.1 is in the EOL cycle, PXE is far more stable, the site server configurations are HUGELY improved, AND you don't have to use PE4 that is technically unsupported in 7.1 (that's right, the ONLY support for PE4 in 7.1 is from support - dev wont touch it), and you have a lot of good reasons to upgrade to 7.5

Plus, it saves you from having to invent something else that is not supported, because what you're inventing is already done.

Just my 2 cents.

Thomas Baird
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To a point I agree with Thomas. The only thing that's missing that you describe is the authentication portion. The managed deployment menu does not have any authentication. If you can get into WinPE (f8 at PXE prompt,etc) you can run the jobs. If authentication is a must 7.5 is still the way to go, you'll just use the managed deployment menu to automatically kick off the job to launch your HTA rather than hacking together a log parser.

Shawn Faucher | Senior Technology Analyst

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Good call on launching the HTA from the Managed Deployment menu!  Nice!

Thomas Baird
Enthusiast for making things better!