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Need help restoring BKF files from External Drive - Backup Exec 12.5

Created: 26 Sep 2013 • Updated: 10 Oct 2013 | 1 comment
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I am getting frustrated with this Backup Exec 12.5!

I need to figure out how to restore .bkf files from an external drive.

I was told to do an Inventory and then Catalog the files. Then I can restore. Its not working, im getting an error.

Heres what I did...

Went to Devices tab, Clicked on the Removable Back Up to Disk Folder 1. Everything shows up on the right of the screen (all the bkf's).

I tested this by right clicking on one of those bkf files and clicking Inventory.

The job ran and completed successfully. Where or what that inventory does I have no idea?

So then I went back to the file, right clicked on it and selected Catalog.

This runs for a few minutes and then fails with...

Error category    : Backup Media Errors
Error             : e0000900 - The requested media is not listed in the media index and could not be mounted. To add the media's catalog information to the disk-based catalogs, run an inventory operation on the media and resubmit the Catalog operation.

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-2304

So it just fails on you. Ive been searching the forums but I just cant figure out what everyone is saying. 

If someone could break down the process and get me to where I need to be (to be able to restore old or new bkf files if needed),

I would greatly appreciate it.

Another issue I noticed is... I restored files before, but they were usually within the same week, or the next day after someone accidentally 

deleted a file. I would go into restore, View by Resource, select the server and follow through the directory until I find the file needed. 

Now, if I do that, from the most current backup date (9/25) to the fursthest (8/27), there are NO files listed and it looks like all the folders

have that little lock on them, which I was told means they are partialized. How can I get that back to being able to view and restore whatever has

been saved on the external server drive throughout the week? Now I have to do the same thing as my last issue and inventory/catalog all

the new files that were just backed up? Why are they not saving?

If someone who knows this stuff wants to help me out... Thank  you very much! Ughh im pulling my hair out!

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An inventory tells BE what media exists on the disk or what tape(s) is in the tape library/drive.

When you get the error message, it means that not all the media for the backup set is present.  For example, you do a backup today and the job writes to B2D00001.bkf and B2D00002.bkf.  If you do not set your overwrite protection period long enough and run another backup job, it may overwrite B2D00001.bkf.  When you try to catalog both these media, the backup set on B2D00002.bkf is not complete and hence the error message.