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Need help restoring exchange mailbox folder...first time doing it

Created: 21 Jun 2013 | 5 comments

I am running netbackup 7.5 on linux and need to restore an exchange email folder from a are the steps I have taken thus far.

Used BAR to select what needs to be restored, started restore, found I need to move the backup from tape to disk.

Duplicated the data from tape to disk.

Now I cannot get the data that is on disk to become to primary so when I try the restore it fails because it is reading from tape which it cannot do.

When I go to the catalog and search for the backup id to promote to primary I get the following error:

INF - Skipping backup id xxx123.xxxccvv.org_1326858639001, copy 1 is expired.

Please help me. :(

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Maybe I should mention that I tried this command and it appears to not have worked:

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpduplicate -npc 2 -backupid xxx123.xxxccvv.org_1326858639001

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Image on disk is getting expired after duplicate backup.

Retention starts from original (source) backup not from duplicate please try to set retention to 1 year or more and rerun duplicate.

Eg.If you are trying to restore from Backup taken on 2nd April and while duplicating you have selected 1 month retention Duplicated image will get expired on 1 may and it has passed. You won't be able to see that image in BARGUI. you need to increase retention while running duplicate job.


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please post the output of command

bpimagelist -backupid <backup id> -L 

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Backup ID:         backupid xxx123.xxxccvv.org_1326858639001
Policy:            Exchange_GRT_Weekly_Full_Daily_Incr
Policy Type:       Ms-Exchange-Server (16)
Proxy Client:      (none specified)
Creator:           root
Name1:             (none specified)
Sched Label:       Exchange_Full
Schedule Type:     FULL (0)
Retention Level:   3 months (5)
Backup Time:       Sat 18 May 2013 04:23:21 AM CD (1368869001)
Elapsed Time:      13981 second(s)
Expiration Time:   Fri 10 Oct 2014 08:08:08 AM CD (1412946488)
Compressed:        no
Client Encrypted:  no
Kilobytes:         367376211
Number of Files:   17299
Number of Copies:  1
Number of Fragments:   3
Histogram:         0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
DB Compressed:     yes
Files File Name:   Exchange_GRT_Weekly_Full_Daily_Incr_1368869001_FULL.f
Previous Backup Files File Name:   (none specified)
Parent Backup Image File Name:   (none specified)
SW Version:        (none specified)
Options:           0x0
MPX:               0
TIR Info:          0
TIR Expiration:    Wed 31 Dec 1969 06:00:00 PM CS (0)
Keyword:           (none specified)
Ext Security Info: no
File Restore Raw:  no
Image Dump Level:  0
File System Only:  no
Object Descriptor: (none specified)
Previous BI Time:  Wed 31 Dec 1969 06:00:00 PM CS (0)
BI Full Time:      Wed 31 Dec 1969 06:00:00 PM CS (0)
Request Pid:       0
Backup Status:     0
Stream Number:     12
Backup Copy:       Standard (0)
Files File size:     1153980788
PFI type:     0
Primary Copy:      2
Image Type:        0  (Regular)
Job ID:            100622
Num Resumes:       3
Resume Expiration: Wed 31 Dec 1969 06:00:00 PM CS (0)
Data Classification:    (none specified)
Data_Classification_ID: (none specified)
Storage Lifecycle Policy:    (none specified)
Storage Lifecycle Policy Version:    0
STL_Completed:      0
Remote Expiration Time: Wed 31 Dec 1969 06:00:00 PM CS (0)
Origin Master Server:  (none specified)
Origin Master GUID:    (none specified)
Snap Time:      Fri 17 May 2013 08:00:31 PM CD (1368838831)
IR Enabled:      no
Client Character Set:     1
Image On Hold:     0
Indexing Status:   0
Copy number:       1
 Fragment:         1
 Kilobytes:        0
 Remainder:        0
 Media Type:       Disk (0)
 Density:          qscsi (0)
 File Num:         0
 ID:               /main_stage/backupid xxx123.xxxccvv.org_1326858639001_C1_F1_R3
 Block Size:       65536
 Offset:           0
 Media Date:       Wed 31 Dec 1969 06:00:00 PM CS (0)
 Dev Written On:   -1
 Flags:            0x0  
 Media Descriptor:
 Expiration Time:  Wed 31 Dec 1969 06:00:00 PM CS (0)
 MPX:              0
 retention_lvl:    1 week (0)
 Try to Keep Time:  Wed 31 Dec 1969 06:00:00 PM CS (0)
 Copy Creation Time:  Wed 31 Dec 1969 06:00:00 PM CS (0)
 Data Format:      Tar
 checkpoint:       0
 resume num:       3
 Key tag:          *NULL*
 STL tag:          *NULL*
 Copy on hold:     0
Copy number:       2
 Fragment:         1
 Kilobytes:        332180992
 Remainder:        0
 Media Type:       Media Manager (2)
 Density:          hcart3 (20)
 File Num:         12
 ID:               001436
 Block Size:       262144
 Offset:           875042
 Media Date:       Mon 20 May 2013 04:28:07 PM CD (1369085287)
 Dev Written On:   0
 Flags:            0x0  
 Media Descriptor:        ?
 Expiration Time:  Fri 10 Oct 2014 08:08:08 AM CD (1412946488)
 MPX:              0
 retention_lvl:    3 months (5)
 Try to Keep Time:  Wed 31 Dec 1969 06:00:00 PM CS (0)
 Copy Creation Time:  Wed 22 May 2013 09:33:16 PM CD (1369276396)
 Data Format:      Tar
 checkpoint:       0
 resume num:       0
 Key tag:          *NULL*
 STL tag:          *NULL*
 Copy on hold:     0
Copy number:       2
 Fragment:         2
 Kilobytes:        35195219
 Remainder:        0
 Media Type:       Media Manager (2)
 Density:          hcart3 (20)
 File Num:         5
 ID:               001300
 Block Size:       262144
 Offset:           1186455
 Media Date:       Sun 19 May 2013 04:23:09 PM CD (1368998589)
 Dev Written On:   0
 Flags:            0x0  
 Media Descriptor:        ?
 checkpoint:       0
 resume num:       0
 Copy on hold:     0
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Any idea why those are set to expire in 1969?

I went ahead and changed the experation date to Fri 10 Oct 2014 08:08:08 AM CD (1412946488) and am in the process of duplicating it back to disk.

Thank you for the help so far and I will mark a solution when I know it works, thanks again.