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Need help with Symantec Management Console

Created: 01 Nov 2012 | 3 comments
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Hi there, let´s see if I can get any ideas here, I am getting stuck with this tool.

I am a Netbackup admin, and we were using DLO to backup desktops, but it was very unreliable. Somewhere along the way, with the purchase of the security suite, the company purchased 1000 licenses for system recovery, so I started testing it.

I tested it on my desktop and worked like a charm, easy to configure, great tool.

So I decided to try to test it a bit further and install the management console to have central control, and that is when my life became hell.

I managed to install the software, figure out how to install the system security add on, import AD, deploy the client, create and assign a policy, but I have no clue where to add my license. I see that it is saying that I have no license, but read the pdf user guide, found nothing.

So that is were I am now, I am waiting for the backup to run on 2 computers to test it, but no license.

Whatever help you can provide, any downloads you can point out, any videos, anything on how to manage this tool, will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance :D

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You need to create a license policy (can be done via the 'Manage Tasks' tab), enable it, then assign to your client machines.

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Great Chris! 

One less thing to go :D

Now I have 2 more and I think I am done.

1 - how do a create a policy to backup the files? I was able to create an "all local drives" policy, but I can´t seem to be able to do individual file restore with that.

2 - is there a way to do a restore from the management console, or do I have to go to the client in case of a restore?

Thanks again.

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  1. This cannot be done via the central management solution console I'm afraid. Please log this request via our Ideas section if you want to see it included in the product:
  2. Yes, this can be done. Just right-click on a machine via the computer list in the 'Manage Tasks' section and you will see the restore options.

Hope that helps.