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Need to know primary and/or assigned user of a computer

Created: 13 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

Hello everyone,

we have SMP 7.1 with ITMS suite installed.

We need to know which computer(s) a particular user has used.

The report that I lookup to get this information is the Primary User by computer" (Reports-->Discovery and Inventory-->Windows-->User-->Primary User-->Primary User by computer). But I noticed that this report does not contain a complete list of all the computers on the network. We setup our SMP around July of this year and when i searched for the month of September, for example, I still do not get a complete computer list.

I understand that a computer can have a "primary user" and an "assigned user". Is there task that runs to automatically set the primary user? I understand that the assigned user can be set manually but is there a task to set the primary user to be the assigned user automatically?

I would also like to be able to search on a user name and know which computers that they have logged into.

Thank you in advance for your assistance



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JimChud's picture

A very easy way is using the logon / logoff records or the already created report for 'users profiles across multiple machines' (Reports-->Discovery and Inventory-->Windows-->User-->) that should be inventoried.

If not all machines are showing up in the report you talked about i beleive the filter for that report is machines with inventory. This would possibly point that some of the machines aren't reporting back with inventory information.  I got around this problem by creating a filter for machines that dont have an inventory and then forcing a task to run a full inventory on the machines that are in that filter.

For a simple Logon Logoff list you can use:  %LOUSERNAME% is a parameter i setup so i can easily search for specific users. 

SELECT cid.[Name] Computer
      ,(LO.[Domain] + '\' + LO.[User]) [User]
      ,LO.[Login Time]
   ,LO.[Time] [Logout Time]
      ,CONVERT(decimal(10,2),ROUND((LO.[Duration]/60.0),2)) [Duration In Hours]
FROM [Altiris_CMDB7].[dbo].[Evt_AeX_Client_LogOn] LO
 JOIN Inv_AeX_AC_Identification cid ON cid._ResourceGuid = LO._ResourceGuid
AND [LO].[Event] = 'Logoff'

Regards Jim.
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efyuze's picture

hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply! I will will have a look at this