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Need new solution for backing up Windows servers - HP StorageWorks 920 crashed

Created: 02 Nov 2013 | 1 comment

Hello:  I am new to this forum, please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong area.

I support a company with 11 servers, currently they have a HP StorageWorks Ultrium 920 tape unit.  I replaced an IT person who left the company and gave me no information as to how the backups were being done using Backup Exec 2010.

From within Backup Exec I see differential were performed Thu-Sun and full backups done on Friday and Monday nights.

At this time, all the tapes appear to be unusable, saying they are "write-protected" and no matter which tape I use, for example "Friday Week 4" or "Monday Week 1" - they all won't work.

So I am looking for a solution.  Should I just start with a fresh set of tapes, and lose the backups for a couple days, or should I pursue a more modern hardware solution?  This is a surgery center so there is a lot of patient chart information which cannot be lost.

Any help is appreciated.  Thank you,


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Your only 2 targets would be disk or tape, each with its own pros and cons.
Using disk would mean more concurrent jobs to disk, possibly speeding backupsmup. It would definitely help with restores, especially GRT restoresmwhich would normally be staged to disk, extending the restore times.
Tape tends to be cheaper and allows you to send them offsite, which disk cannot do unless you duplicate to another NAS, array, or take a USB drive offsite.
With your error...have you made sure the tapes are not physically write-protected?
Last thing...LTO writes 1 version back, and reads 2 versions back. If you want to reuse your current tapes, you would have to consider an LTO4-based drive.
If you replace with either another drive or disk, you would simply retarget the jobs at the new backup destination.


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