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Need to re-enter credentials after reboot

Created: 04 Feb 2013 | 6 comments

Hi there, we're running Backup Exec version 2010 on Server 2003.

Whenever the services stop for whatever reason, some of the services will not start again.  I've discovered that the ones that don't start lose the credentials and will require me to re-enter the credentials.  The account is fine, because once the credentials are re-entered everything works fine.

Does anyone know why this might occur?

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First of all what build of 2010 are you on. If not on the latest i.e. 13.0.5204 I would advice you to upgrade to this version and apply SP2 via live update. If running remote agents on remote servers then the remote agent need to be updated on them

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If you are on 2010 R3 and SP2 is installed then have you identified by going into services.msc with which service have you seen the above issue. Does the BE service account have all the rights it needs for proper functioning
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Try creating a new account in AD with the same permissions, and use BEutility.exe to change to this. Run a couple of backups with it and see if the issue is replicated.

If not, use BEutility.exe to change back to the original account and see if this issue occurs again. If it does, just use the newer of the accounts.

I've had a situation where changing the BESA to another account for a while and then back again seemed to sort out an authentication issue (not the same, but an authentication issue nonetheless)...


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How can I get Symantec backup exec  2010 agent for wmware 5.0.0

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You need to purchase 1 AVVI licence per Vmware host, install the licence on the media server and you would be able to backup your VMware VM's.  You cannot install an agent on the ESX machine.

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The service accounts are setup properly.  As I mentioned services do run properly when I input the credentials, so its not an authentication issue.  However when the services are rebooted for any reason, some of them lose the credentials and wont start until I input the credentials again.

As for running the services from an AD account, my concern with that is if a link goes down between the backup server and the part of the network hosting DC's, then were hooped because the AD account wont be able to authenticate.

Im wondering if its a registry setting somewhere unwittingly telling Backup Exec not to store credentials for certain services.

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...ideally, that's why you have local site domain controllers to get around a central DC outtage taking out your network.

Haven't seen anything mentioned on the forums about a registry entry not allowing services to be cached...might need to log a formal query with Symantec around this.

Simple solution is to change your services to a domain admin account, and test to see if this is replicated with this...


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