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Need a report to locate Subnets without a package server assigned

Created: 17 May 2013 | 3 comments

Does anyone out there have a report that can lookup Subnets that do not have a Package Server assigned?

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There is a stored procedure that lists those that do (cant rememebr if there is one that lists those that dont), so you should be able to modify its sql to have it show those that dont (obviously do not modify the actual SP but use its SQL as a seperate query).

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Even i would like to have such report where i can find all the subnet where there is not package server assigned. Or a report which will tell which package server is assigned to which subnet.

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Hi DrGonzo,

Could you please test the following query?

ss.[Subnet Mask]
from vSiteSubnetMap vsm
full outer join vSite st on vsm._ResourceGuid = st.Guid
full outer join vSubnet ss on vsm.SubnetGuid = ss.Guid
order by st.Name
Fábio Sanches