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Need to restore backup from original device?

Created: 28 Jan 2014 | 2 comments

I use Backup Exec 2012 to backup our servers to tape (10 tapes in rotation) 5 nights a week, giving us a 2 week history, which . Of those 10 tapes, 2 are offsite at all times.

To give us some deeper backup history, I've purchasd a 2 TB ioSafe fireproof/waterproof drive that I'll backup to once a week. When that drive becomes full (in 6 - 8 months at our current backup size)  I'd like to copy the contents to another drive, take that drive offsite, and start a new series of backups onto the ioSafe.

My question is this: Does a backup need to be restored from the device it was originally stored on? If I move backups from the ioSafe to another drive, can I restore from that other drive? Or would the backup need to be moved back to the ioSafe?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Hi, long as the media server on which you are doing the restore can see the details and contents of the tape after you Inventory/Catalog the tape/drive, then the media server will be able to restore your data, assuming the backups were completed successfully.

Never just copy the *.bkf files that BE creates from the ioSafe drive to another drive. This messes up the catalogs for BE and will ensure that you can't restore the data.

Rather create a Duplicate job that will duplicate that information from the ioSafe drive to your secondary drive.


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See this document as to why you should not be copying the contents of your disk storage