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Need to scan library

Created: 03 Jul 2014 • Updated: 03 Jul 2014 | 1 comment
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Do I have to do SCAN the library everytime when I put old tapes (old backup set cartrdiges like week 2, week 3)  so that new backup may be overwritten on it (I have OP set to none)?

As I can see that backup job auto overwrite data on older tapes with new data , even if I donot do scan. So why to do scan or inventory ?

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You need to scan the library so that BE has the updated library status.  For example, if slot 1 has tape 000001L5 and you have replaced it with 100001L5, BE will not know the change unless you do a scan.

You should not set the OPL to None because this means that all your media is not protected and they can be overwritten at any time.  You should set the OPL to either Partial or Full.

Since your OPL is set to None, it does not matter which tape is in which slot they are all unprotected, so BE just overwrite them.