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Need simple backup solution for old hardware

Created: 11 Dec 2013 | 1 comment

Greetings -

I am new to these forums and I am trying to find my way around still. Hopefully this is the correct place to post this request for help. If I posted in the wrong area I apologise.

I am supporting some industrial equipment with ancient PC hardware (Win2000 / floppy disks / IDE disks / IDE DVD Burner). I need a backup solution that would allow me to recovery from cold naked metal. The PCs are not connected to a network.

My need is to irregularly (2 times every year?) make a complete image of the PCs hard disk. All the current off the shelf software has all sorts of features that I cannot use / do not want. The solution I want would allow the following:

1) Boot from backup software (either floppy disk or bootable CD / DVD)

2) Image complete hard disk to DVDs

When recover is required

1) Boot from backup software (either floppy disk or bootable CD / DVD)

2) Restore backup to naked hard disk 

I think the last version of Norton Ghost that worked this simply is 8.3 (part of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 1.1??)

I would appreciate it if someone would tell me that I am wrong and there is a current product that will provide this solution without "installing" the software into Windows.

Thanks for your attention

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Backup to DVDs is never to be recommended as so many users have later had problems recovering images due to flaws in the DVD media.

If your machines have a USB port, it would be simpler and faster to backup to an external USB hard disk, which could itself be made bootable, assuming your machines allow boot from a USB port. Alternatively, you could create a bootable WinPE CD which can then be used to mount the USB hard disk and image the local hard disk to it. WinPE also works well with Ghost 8.3.

The following article takes you through a "roll your own" WinPE environment that I have used for building bootable devices and used them with the 8.3 Ghost executable to image machines.

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