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Need some help with adding a media server

Created: 21 Mar 2013 • Updated: 19 Apr 2013 | 2 comments
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Need some help with adding a media server.  Loaded Netbackup, then, now  Trying to add more storage and backup capabilites by direct backup to a new server.  Try to add as a storage unit, no luck.  Try to add as a new media server and get server name not found in NetBackupo configuration.  I have removed all old names, updated the registry, started and stopped the services and restarted.  nbemmcmd - listhosts -verbose  still shows an old server in the configuration file and I can find NO posts for fixing the configuration file other than registry entries.  I'm trying to do simple disk to disjk backup, but this is killing me!


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To add a new media server :

On master, makje sure it can fully resolve the media servre name (eg hosts file)

On master make sure media server has a 'SERVER=<media server>' entry in registry or bp.conf (win/ unix)

On media, make sure master is the first 'SERVER=master server name' in registry or bp.conf

On media, make sure it can fully resolve master server name

Make sure port 1556 is bi-dir between the two if there is a firewall

Presuming media server software is installed already, then restarting the services on the media, should then autoadd it to EMM.


Regards,  Martin
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In addition to the excellent advice so far ... Starting from scratch...

Make sure that when you installed the new media server you did the following:

1. You installed NetBackup Server Software
2. You are running Enteprise Version of NetBackup
3. That the new media server has the Master and EMM Server names correct (usually the same server)
4. That they resolve each other correctly
5. Open the Master Servers Host Properties - go to the Servers tab - add the name of the new Media Server into the Media Servers and Additional Servers tab
6. Re-Start NetBackup on the Master Server
7. Re-start NetBackup on the Media Server

Then see if you can see it as a Media Server

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