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Need to understand the SKM and GKM mode scenario while using Netshare (File Share Encryption)

Created: 15 Jan 2013 | 1 comment


I have come across a situation where we have a policy in PGP UN (SEMS now :)) and we stated that all the users will have GKM keys and we have a AD group which is SKM.

so when the end users go to home, restart the computer and not connected to the corporate network, they will not be able to decrypt the file, which is encrypted to group key (of SKM). so the current solution what i could see is that, users atleast do VPN connectio to the corporate network and then have a connectivity from client desktop to server, then they can start using the same.

Do we have any other good solutions for this scenario? like permanent caching (even when the users are out of network)?

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Hi Raja!

When using group keys the users must be able to connect to PGP Universal Server and Active Directory. Please have a look at the articles below.

FEATURE REQUEST: Push Group Key From PGP Universal Server to Client

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add group key to the users keyring in PGP Desktop
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PGP NetShare Group Key FAQ's.