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Needed for future releases of Netbackup!!!!!

Created: 06 Jan 2013 | 2 comments

1st post of many of my ideas for improvements for Netbackup.

I would like to see....when I have many duplications queued because of drives in use, or limits have been reached....I would like to be able to see the details of the duplication when I double click it. Right now...the details show very basic info. I would like to see how big the duplication job I may prioritize it's posistion in the que, or change drives/libraries/media servers.

If I have 5 - 100gb and 1 - 3TB duplications waiting for a tape.....I want to be able to control what goes first.

Sure....they will finish in the same amount of time if I left them alone, but I want the option to say what goes when.

I switched from CA Arcserve a little over a year ago to Netbackup and was told that there were ALOT more options/config to choose far as I can tell, the 2 products are neck and neck. And NO! I do no want to have to cmd line and script a bunh of stuff together to get it to do what I want. Put it in the GUI !

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Andy Welburn's picture

To actually create the idea itself, you follow almost the same procedure as you did for creating this discussion apart from:

You can then see the fruits of your labours by following the link already provided by Nagalla


& don't forget to vote for any Idea that you create!

The more votes, the more likely that an idea will get considered for review.

I see a lot of Ideas with 'zero' votes for them, if the creator of the idea doesn't vote then why should anyone else ! wink