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NetApp FileServer Licensing

Created: 25 Apr 2013 | 7 comments


I have the same setup as Backing up a NetApp as a file server. I am currently using the trial version and working to determine my license count. In this scenario, I have the 2 controllers of the netapp, A and B, connected to backup exec 2012 as file servers. My understanding is that I would need 2x File System Archiving option licenses. Is that all I would need? In the Backup Exec 2012 Licensing Guide, it says I will also need windows agents liceneses for these file servers but I think it is assuming I am using a windows box as the file server, not a NetApp. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Hello Sublimux,

    If you do not want to backup the NetApp filer using the NDMP option then first of all you need to turn Off NDMP services on the filer.

You will require just 1 Remote agent for Windows License key installed on the Media server. You will not require File System Archiving option.



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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To Expand on Sush's answer  above slightly

What license you need to backup your NetApp  depedno on how you are using the NetApp and what sort of backup you want to do.

1) If you are preneting the storage on the NetApp as an iSCSI LUN that is directly attached to the media server as a local drive letter, then you do not need any special licenses to backup the data held inside the LUN

2) If the NetApp hosts Windows style shares and you only want to backup the content of the shares using CIFS, then technically you will need an Agent for Windows license on the media server (legally you will need one per NetApp) and you wil also have to disable the NDMP Daemon on the NetApp

3) If you want to backup the file system on the volumes within the NetApp irrespective of how the volumes are used (so at a Linux OS level within the NetApp) using the NDMP Protocol (which can allow the use of a tape library directly attached to the NetApp or to disk and tape storage devices on the media server) then you would need one NDMP Option license per NetApp.

The above is of course in addtition to the media server license itself

Notice none of the above scenarios use the File System Archiving Option License - which provides a limited function of Enterprise Vault FSA functionality and is potentially not appropriate for a NetApp device (as it may not be supported as a share level process or against the NDMP option)

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Thank you for the information.  I am presenting the NetApp filer as windows style CIF shares (Option 2 above).  When I disable NDMPd on the NetApp, I receive an error when adding the "File Server", Browse failure.  If I enable the NDMPd service on the NetApp, it will add the file server.

Here are the steps I take to add it.

- Click Backup & Restore Tab

- Click Add

- Select File Server

- Check the establish trust checkbox

- Enter the ip address

- Select the credentials and hit finish

- Click backup to tape, I then receive the browse failure message, but if I turn NDMPd on, it finds the folders and is successful in backing up.

Please NOTE:  I am using the Trial version and when I select "Install Option and licenses on this Backup Exec Server" it shows that NDMP option is licensed but NOT installed.  According to the Admin guide, to add it as a NDMP server, you do this under the storage tab, then when you select add, there is an NDMP option.

Also, when I open "Install Option and licenses on this Backup Exec Server", there is no option to add Agents for Windows.  Do they get installed on the Backup Exec Server or do they just need to legally be purchased and not used elsewhere?  When you say "(legally you will need one per NetApp)" is that one per controller?

FYI we are using a FAS 2240 with dual controllers.

Thanks again for the help!

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You would have to purchase a RAWS licence for the NetApp and then install it on the media server.

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From a technical point of view I think something is happening with the trail mode as if you have to enable the NDMP daemon on the filer then you are somehow using the NDMP option despite what is states elsewhere.

To be honest I think you would need a support case just to confirm what is happening in your jobs (all licensing comments by myself & pkh) in this thread are correct, just your description of symptoms does not match how Backup Exec should be working (for any version of BE) when backing up shares from a NetApp.

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Bump.  Can anyone answer the questions I posted?  The way I have it running, is that considered NDMP licensed?  Would I need a NDMP license or just a RAWS license.


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If you are using CIFS shares and not NDMP, then you don't need the NDMP option licence.  You just need the RAWS licences.