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NetApp NDMP backup account

Created: 28 Jun 2012 | 3 comments

Good day,

We are currently using the Root account in Backup Exec for backing up the NDMP shares on our NetApp. We have created a new account on the NetApp that has backup rights and added it to Backup Exec and the selection list but when we run the job it fails. We have also tested it by granting the account full admin rights to the Netapp just like the Root account but it still does not work. Any advice on how to get this to work?



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Pls ensure the new account created on the filer and in Backup Exec - network - logon accounts is defined with the same case...Egs, if created ADMIN on the filer, it should be ADMIN in upper-case in BE too...

And is NDMP enabled or not ?

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Yes, NDMP is enabled. The backup works just fine with the Root account which we are trying to move away from. We also confirmed the spelling and case matches in the filer and BE. The new account has has the same rights as the Root acount but does not work. Are there any special properties that the account requires for backing up from a filer?

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Is md5 authentication enabled ?

Lasltly, verbatim -

To authenticate with the NDMP server you should use the root password or non-root user with system generated NDMP-specific password. To configure these and other settings, refer to your NAS documentation.

i guess, the command is ndmpd password username and use the output as password, but best to check with NetApp's docs..