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Netbackp server cannot connect to the windows client,status 526

Created: 02 Sep 2011 | 1 comment

After i have install netbackup windows client 7.0 (windows), i cannot backup the file on client.

when i open login window on nbu server , input  client hostname ,administator/password , i cannot login.

status code:526

netbackup master server version :7.0.1    

netbackup client version:7.0

when i attemped to install netbackup client 7.0.1, "install to this computer only" is greped out.

how to choose this option?

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Which Windows version on Client? 2003? 2008? 32- or 64-bit?
If "install to this computer only" is greyed out, 7.0.1 might be already installed on the client. If your client is 2008, remember to always right-click on executables and select 'Run as Administrator'.
If you open 'Backup Archive and Restore" on the client, the correct version will be displayed.

Back to your NBU master server - you are mentioning logon to the GUI.
Can I assume that you are using the Java GUI? And that your master is some sort of Unix/Linux?

If so, please don't try to provide client credentials here - logon to the master server.
All backup configuration takes place on the master.
So, logon to the master and create a backup policy for the client.
Select MS-Windows in the Attributes tab, select a Storage Unit and pool (if backing up to tape), de-select Bare Metal Restore, specify one ore more Schedule, specify Client name and lastly specify Backup Selection. Add just one folder as a test (something like C:\Program Files).

Before you manually run the policy, test connectivity between master and client.
You need to ensure forward and reverse name lookup between server and client and also port connectivity.

Test as follows:

On master and client, do the following from cmd for the other machine (in netbackup\bin):
bpclntcmd -hn <hostname>
bpclntcmd -ip <ip-address>
Verify that both hostname and ip lookup returns correct ip/name on both sides.

Next, test port connectivity.
Create bpcd log folder on the client under ...\netbackup\logs.
Run the following on the master:
bpclntcmd -client <client-name> -verbose

If any errors are produced, post output returned from above command as well as client's bpcd log file.

Only if these tests are successful, manually run your test policy.

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