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Writers are software that is included in applications and services that help provide consistent shadow copies. Writers serve two main purposes:

  •; list-style-type: disc; padding-left: 0px; ">When applications and services are running, the writer responds to signals provided by the Volume Shadow Copy Service interface to allow applications to prepare and quiesce their data stores for shadow copy creation and to ensure that no writes occur on the volume while the shadow copy is being created. (During quiescence, applications make data on the disk consistent. For example, an application might flush its buffers to disk or write out in-memory data to disk.) 
  •; list-style-type: disc; padding-left: 0px; ">The writer also provides information about the application name, icons, files to include or exclude, and a strategy to restore the files.; list-style-type: disc; padding-left: 0px; ">; list-style-type: disc; padding-left: 0px; ">Hi All,; list-style-type: disc; padding-left: 0px; ">; list-style-type: disc; padding-left: 0px; ">I have a question,; list-style-type: disc; padding-left: 0px; ">When the shadow copy of each drive is created when backup runs ,how much the space it takes?Lets suppose i have d drive of 20 GB.Then shadow copy of this drive will take how many space?

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See this post:

The answer is still the same:

This is Microsoft and not a NetBackup query.  

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I just wana know how much space is taken.

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I'd say it takes between 1 and 20Gb

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ok,So the snapshot is of the same size as of the volume?

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It depends how much has changed,

As mentioned by Marianne, this is not a NBU query.  You should really post questions like this on a MS forum.


Regards,  Martin
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