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NetBackup 6.5 Beta Exams

Created: 28 Feb 2008 • Updated: 21 Oct 2010 | 13 comments
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Are there beta exams available for NetBackup 6.5 certificaiton?  Windows and/or Unix
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Good News!  The Symantec Certification Team just developed the following 2 new exams that will finish Beta today and will be available for registration with Prometric mid-April:
  • Data Protection Administration for UNIX using NetBackup 6.5
  • Data Protection Administration for Windows using NetBackup 6.5

This program consists of a technical exam at a product/version [and platform] level that validates that the successful candidate has important knowledge and skills necessary to plan, install, configure, and maintain a data protection environment using NetBackup version 6.5 and below on the UNIX or Windows platforms.


To achieve this level of certification, candidates must pass the relevant technical exam and accept the Symantec Certification Agreement. 


Suggested Preparation

Below includes the recommended preparation to achieve this level of expertise.


·        Exam Objectives


·       Email for a study guide that targets those who have attended the recommended 5 day training course. This self-study guide summarizes the key lessons and topics in the corresponding certification exam.  


·        Recommended 12 months of hands-on experience using NetBackup  


·        Familiarity with the administration and configuration of the Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 operating system or familiarity with the administration and configuration of a UNIX operating system supported by NetBackup


·        Recommended Course:

Veritas NetBackup 6.x for UNIX: Administration (5-day) or Veritas NetBackup 6.x for Windows: Administration (5-day)


·        Other Recommended Courses:

“Veritas Backup and Restore Concepts”

“NetBackup 5.x to 6.x Differences”

“Upgrading NetBackup 6.0 to 6.5 for UNIX and Windows”

“NetBackup 6.x Troubleshooting Techniques” 


·        Product documentation for NetBackup 6.5


Note: Be cautioned that, attendance in a training course does not guarantee passage of a certification exam.

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Hello to every one do you have idea where me find more sample test to study to the exams 250-365 of data protection administration for windows veritas net backup
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hey u can take help from the following link

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The beta period closed for the NBU 6.5 exams and the final exams have been published with Prometric. 
To learn more about the exam details and suggested preparation for NBU 6.5 (UNIX), click this link:
To learn more about the exam details and suggested preparation for NBU 6.5 (Windows), click this link:
Stay connected as we update the new Symantec Certification Program.

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You can find the NBU 6.5 (Windows) sample exam at the following link under "Suggested Preparation".

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I took a 250-365 exam today and I've got 90 questions and 100 minutes. Some questions were not clear enough.
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Hello do you send me  this question to me to study to try to take this exams.Please letme know or  send to my email
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Ok excuse me for my English. Do you have the question to the test 250-365 please provide to me to study.

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No I didn't memorize any questions. And even If I would, I'm not allowed to share this information. It is forbidden!!!
I don't see the point to study questions, I would recommend to study NetBackup material and practice.
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Hi All,

Just an inquiry, do it require an Intructor-LED training to take the NBU 6.5 exam?

Thanks in Advance,

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From the Certification & Training Paths areas:

To assist in preparation for the certification exams, candidates are strongly encouraged to attend training course(s) available through Symantec, in addition to meeting any necessary prerequisites, on-the-job experience, and study. Be cautioned that, attendance in a training course does not guarantee passage of a certification exam.

At the end of the day, the training courses do not by necessity cover everything to the depth required by actual on-the-job experience. You will (eventually) learn more through the latter!

Good Luck.