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NetBackup 6.5 Restore Stalled

Created: 26 Jan 2013 | 8 comments


I'm trying to run a restore from two tapes. The first tape completes the portion of the restore and then NetBackup loads the second tape and the status says "begin reading" and then nothing happens. It looks like it's just got stuck. Hopefully someone has some ideas as I really need to restore this data.



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How long its been running or how long you waited? If it loads the 2nd tape and reading it then it should be restoring the data. You can see the bptm and bpbrm log on media server and tar log on client to see the progress of restore. Provide the detailed status log if you thing its stuck.

Also is it a tape library or standalone drive?

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As per above excellent post, check NBU logs. We can also have a look if you post the logs here. Please rename logs to reflect process name (e.g bptm.txt) and post as file attachments. All 3 logs are needed.
Have you checked the tape drive to see if there is flashing light indicating activity?
What is fragment size in STU? If the default of 1 TB is used, the entire tar image on tape needs to be scanned to find the requested data.

PS: are you aware of the fact that NBU 6.5 ran out of support in Oct last year?

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Thanks for the prompt repsonses. The first 200GB restore in about 30 minutes (it's an NDMP restore) and then it's now hung on the next tape for about 9 hours! Left it running all day in the hopes that it would come to life.

Where can I find the logs that you are referring to? I did a search for bptm.txt and it didn't yield any results.

It's a tape library. I'm not physically near the hardware at the moment, but looking at the library's status page the drive with the tape in is currently idle. I'm not sure about the fragment size.

I am aware that the support ran out, I inherited this setup at a new job recently and have never used NBU before. Hence some of the probably obvious questions! I've put forward a proposal to upgrade the setup so that things are a little more current.

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bptm and bpbrm log folders are in netbackup/logs directory on the NDMP media server.
Hopefully these logs have been created some time ago as they don't exists by default.

Today's logs will be in the relevant folders with today's date as the file name.

This TN describes hanging NDMP restore, but it is only related to NBU 7.0:  

We really need to see bptm and bpbrm logs...

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Unfortunatley none of the logs folders were there. So I ran a batch file in the logs folder called mklogdir.bat and they are now all there. I'm going to run the restore again as the issue is easily replicable and then hopefully there'll be some logs to look at.

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I've run the restore again and got it to the same point. This time with some logs. I can't see anything obviously wrong, but then I don't really know NBU so hopefully there's something there.

At this point the restore status says: "Continuing restore from server x to client y."

bpbrm.txt 7.85 KB
bptm.txt 52.69 KB
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And now as I've just posted this and got the logs, it's suddenly continuing...! I'll see how this goes and hopefully it's working now. 

I'll be planning to upgrade to the latest version before the next restore I think as it would be good to have more confidence in the process.

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Hopefully this restore completed successfully?
Have you collected a new set of logs once the restore finished that may give an indication of what was happening during the 'hang' state?

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