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Netbackup 6.5.5 - change from 32 bit to 64 bit before upgrading to v. 7.0

Created: 19 Mar 2010 • Updated: 21 Sep 2010 | 1 comment

I am having a bit om misfurtune. My Netbackup 6.5.5 is a 32 bit version installed on a SLES 10.2 - 64bit system.
I vould like to upgrade to Netbackup 7.0. Is there a roadmap for this procedure ? Or is it possible to go directly from 6.5.5/32 til 7/64 ?


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You are on 64 bit hardware/OS....hopefully software installation will take care of the upgrade over to the 64bit NBU binaries. According to doc below.

First port of call is the NBU 7.0 upgrade portal.

With NetBackup 7.0, all Unix/Linux 32-bit support has been discontinued. To upgrade these systems to NetBackup 7.0, you must first migrate your current NetBackup  6.x catalog and database to a 64-bit system with a supported platform. 32-bit Media servers that runs NetBackup 6.x are compatible with 64-bit Master servers that run NetBackup 7.0. Please refer to "Using catalog backup and recovery to transfer NetBackup catalogs between UNIX or Linux master servers as part of a hardware refresh"

PS: Looks like I will be following the above advice soon. I am running a 32bit SLES 10 SP2 OS with NBU 6.5 (32bit). But have a spare server sitting as a DR box that I aint configured yet. Will come in handy.

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Tip: Get overview/document your NBU environment. Run 'nbsu' and review the output.

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