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Netbackup 6.5.5 SQLServer Trans Log failures Status 54

Created: 17 Mar 2010 • Updated: 20 Sep 2010 | 1 comment

We upgraded to Netbackup 6.5.5 and since we have been having lots of issues with SQLServer trans log backups.   Sometimes they work, sometimes they error out.  The errors

3/17/2010 4:29:45 AM - Error bpbrm(pid=9493) listen for client timeout during accept from data listen socket after 60 seconds
3/17/2010 4:31:03 AM - end writing
timed out connecting to client(54)

They are not consistant.  We have lots of servers and are having this issue on lots of them.   We also have have multiple databases on a server, it will sometimes backup the trans log on all of them all up and then sometimes it errors out on one or more of them.  The parent process ends, yet leaves the one (or more) child process running, then it will error out with Status 54.  Its not always the same database that errors out.  We run the trans log every four hours and sometime they are very small, 100mg or so.

Anyone have this issue?  Anyone resolve this issue?

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schmaustech's picture

Does the MS-SQL server have multiple network interfaces?

Have you tried running a SQL backup from the client using the Netbackup MS-SQL Agent?

What are the results of the bpclntcmd command for the MS-SQL host when run on both the master/media and client?


Benjamin Schmaus