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Netbackup 7, backup type = SM2T is available?

Created: 13 Jul 2010 • Updated: 16 Aug 2010 | 4 comments
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I have had installed a testing Master server NB7 version. Regarding the backup type for SM2T (snap mirror to tape) from storage policy. For SM2T, previous NBU versions use the setting "SET TYPE=SMTAPE" directive. Please advise if Symantec NBU7 uses the same setting in the backup policy? Thanks


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Putting that setting in your (I'm assuming NDMP?) policy isn't really a NetBackup thing - it's a filer thing.  All NetBackup does with that directive is set the variable, but we don't USE it - your hardware uses it.  (Does this make sense?) 

So, in that respect, if it worked before, there's no reason it shouldn't work again, because "NetBackup" doesn't use it in the first place and we didn't change that  behaviour in 7.0 - you can still use the SET directive in your policy (see the 7.0 NDMP Guide, TechPDF 340109, pages 48-49).

Your hardware vendor (I'm assuming NetAPP?) should be able to confirm this, I hope! | APPLBN | 761LBN

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Thanks for the input. I am new into Netbackup product, and never got a chance yet to configure either NB6.5 or 7 with NDMP / snapmirror. Yes good point, these (snapmirror, NDMP) are the protocols from NetApp filer. Actually my question was: Based on the options from the backup policy's directive type, NB6.5 "SET TYPE=SMTAPE" is no longer in NB7. Are we saying the NB7 "NDMP" is encapsulated with snapmirror? 

I just need to confirm that. Thanks in advanced..

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No, you still have to add "SET TYPE = SMTAPE" (for example) as a "backup selection" - just type it into the policy.  We don't include it in your dropdown because we don't include ANY of 'em in the dropdown - there'd be no way to have a comprehensive list in there, and we (dangerously!) assume folks know what they're doing when threy're in this dialogue box.  :) | APPLBN | 761LBN

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The only available directives available for NDMP via the drop-down list in policy backup selection are (for us anyway) NEW_STREAM, UNSET and UNSET_ALL.

Any of the SET commands are typed in "manually" per the Admin Guide Chris pointed you to and can be protocol or vendor specific:
In general, the syntax of a SET directive is as follows:
SET variable = value
Where variable is the name of the environment variable and value is the value that is assigned to it. The value can be enclosed in single or double quotes, and must be enclosed in quotes if it contains a space character.


I would also direct you to the document mentioned in the Admin Guide Chris pointed you to:
Veritas NetBackup (tm) for Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) Network Attached Storage Appliance Information
There is a short section under NetApp that deals with "Image Backup (smtape)"

NDMP - "an open standard protocol for enterprise-wide backup of heterogeneous network-attached storage"

SnapMirror2Tape - a method of backing up large NetApp volumes (faster than traditional full NDMP saves)