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Netbackup 7 DR replication

Created: 05 May 2010 • Updated: 07 Nov 2010 | 2 comments
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I need to create a DR site (online backup only). I have 2 main sites and 1 DR location for online backup. I cannot find information if it is possible to replicate (realtime) from 2 netbackup servers to 1 on the DR location (both data and catalog).
Questions are:
1.Can I replicate catalog and data from 2 master servers to 1 secondary on DR.
2.Where should realtime server be located (1 on the DR site or 1 on each main site)


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You can replicate 1 to 1 but 2 to 1.

As I understood you have 2 Master Servers in production sites and want to replicate then to DR site in only one Master Server. It's not possible. You will need to have 2 Master Servers on DR site to replicate both catalogs one in each. That's because you'll replicate the volumes where NBU's catalog resides.

To replicate Master Server catalogs you will need to create a global cluster with Veritas Cluster and replicate the shared volume using Veritas Volume Replicator.

There is a White Paper that explain this scenario:

White Paper- Implementing Highly Available Data Protection with NetBackup

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thank you. We are going to upgrade to NBU 7 and would like to use netbackup realtime for replication. As I see it in the documentation it can be done without Veritas Cluster and Volume replicator.