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Netbackup 7 PureDisk disk pool size

Created: 12 Oct 2010 • Updated: 14 Oct 2010 | 5 comments

We are currently running Netbackup 7 on Windows 2003, and set up 2TB disk to test the dedup disk pool. We like how it is running and would like to move all of our servers in to it, but need more space. In the past with AdvancedDisk you could create 2 pools and merge them. Is that not possible now? Also we have about 5 2-3TB drives, are we able to use multiple drives for the media server dedup storage/disk pool. The wizard has you only create 1 path. IE "O:\Data".

Does the disk for the dedup pool need to be 1 large drive, or can it be multiple smaller like with AdvancedDisk? Any help would be appreciative. Thanks.

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Unfortunately one volume only. If you want to implement in production, read up all the planning info that you can get.

Have a look at these two manuals:

NetBackup Deduplication Guide
NetBackup Deduplication: Additional Info

Page 28 of 'Additional Info' Guide:

About adding additional storage
The storage for a Media Server Deduplication Pool is exposed as a single disk volume. You cannot add another volume to an existing Media Server Deduplication Pool.
To increase the capacity of a MediaServerDeduplicationPool, grow the existing volume.

See “About deduplication storage capacity” on page 27.
See “Resizing the storage partition” on page 68.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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Assuming you are using an array (SAN/DAS) that allows you to grow the LUN, why couldnt you just use diskpart to EXTEND the volume out as needed?

You may need to do some other software tweaks in NBU/PD to make it recognize the space, but from a Windows perspective it's super easy to do as it is today.  Make sure since Win2k3, to align your partitions!  

I do not recommend concatenating disks within Windows using Dynamic disks.  Only bad things will happen.

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."

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Thank you both. I figured it would need to be 1 drive, but wanted to make sure. Going to extend the volume later this morning.

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Currently on hold waiting for a technician at Symantec, but maybe someone here has an idea.

We were unable to extend the 2TB disk, but the san admin gave me a new 12TB one. I copied/pasted everything in the old drive to the new one, then renamed the old one to something generic and the new one to match the old. I tried bouncing the services and even rebooting the server.

But, Netbackup still thinks the disk pool is 2TB. If I try going to the storage server and properties I get "Internal application error. Please contact your administrator. invalid command parameter. RDSM has encountered an issue with STS where the server was not found: getStorageServerConfig"

Am I missing a config file setting or registry entry? Or do I need to blow away the old storage/disk pool/storage server and create a new one. If so, what is the command to do so? I tried expiring an image and get disk fragments still found on the drive and get error 174.

10/14/2010 10:12:51 AM - begin
10/14/2010 10:12:51 AM - Info nbdelete(pid=396) deleting expired images. Media Server: msgsapfyb5 Media: @aaaat    
10/14/2010 10:12:53 AM - Error nbdelete(pid=396) Cannot obtain resources for this job : error [800]   
10/14/2010 10:12:53 AM - end ; elapsed time: 00:00:02
media manager - system error occurred(174)

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I ended up expiring all the images even though it errored out. I then ran nbdelete -allvolumes -force. Once that finished, it errored as well in the activity monitor, I was able to delete the storage unit, disk pool, and storage server.

Much further ahead now, but unfortunately involved blowing those images away and starting from scratch.