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NetBackup 7.0 for VMWare Installation

Created: 15 Oct 2012 | 1 comment

We have a solaris cluster with NBU 6.5.6 installed. At the moment we backup all our VMs as standalone windows and linux machines. I'm currntly doing a POC setup whith NBU 7.0 to do snapshots backup for our VMs, which is much more efficient.

I downloaded 7.0, and didn't know where to get the licenses from, so I used the same licenses we used on 6.5.6 solaris machines. ran the installer and choose 'Master Server'. then next, next, next, etc. and everything is fine. and I can connect to the server using the java admin console just fine. I even was able to run a catalog backup job. but the thing that bothers me is going through Host Properties -> Master Servers -> MyServer -> properties, I don't see any option for vmware .

now to install the VMWaer Backup Host, my questions are:

- from the installer, what option should I choose? 'Server Software Installation' or 'Client Software Installation'? choosing client gives an error saying you cannot install this on the master server. and installting 'Client Software' on a seperate VM will only install the windows and MS SQL clients. so it has to be the 'Server Software Installation'

- What licnese should I use? the documentation states 'Enterprise Client License'. I don't have that written anyware at my work. Is there a way I can view this from Symentec website? or atleast is there a way I get list\get that license from my 6.5.6 solaris setup?

- and after I figure this, what option do I choose? 'Master Server' or 'Media Server'?

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NBU 7.x features will only work with the appropriate license keys.

Symantec recommends that users upgrade to 7.1.x or 7.5.x to utilize new features (especially for VMware).

New licenses are free of charge if maintenance is up-to-date. 
See this link for 7.1: 
and this one for 7.5:

If you want to use the NBU master server as backup host, there is nothing else to install as far as NBU software is concerned. You will need to add Enterprise Client License on the Master to enable VMware features. 

See these URLs for additional info: 


Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links