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Netbackup 7.01 and Enterprise Vault 9 Backup mode question

Created: 09 Jan 2013 • Updated: 08 Jul 2013 | 4 comments
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I just started a new job in which I'll be managing the EV9 infra.
EV is backed up using the NBU agent for EV.

I just noticed that the backup mode is released before the end of the Open Partition backup.
(I was taking a look at NBU and I noticed Active backup jobs (Open partition) whereas EV was not in backup mode any longer)

From what I can see, the open partition job triggers 2 child jobs :
   - The Open Partition backup
   - The "Vault Store DB" backup
The Backup mode seems to be released at the end of the "Vault Store DB" backup, even if the Open Partition backup is not complete.
Is this the expected behaviour? Or do we have a problem ? I cannot find the information on the Symantec White papers.

Many thanks in advance,

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Take a look on the EV Server under \veritas\netbackup\bin\ to see if there are any bpstart_notify.bat or bpend_notify.bat files

Perhaps before using the agent traditional backups were used and they still exist so when the one job finishes the script takes it out of backup mode

If you are using the agent and this is the case then you can remove / rename those two files

Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Thanks for your reply, however I was more looking for an answer about when the EV needs to be in backup mode, and if the behaviour that I observe is correct.

Kind regards,

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I'm also running EV9 backup with NetBackup.

I believe that Enterprise Vault only needs to be in read-only mode when the DB are backed-up and during the snapshot of the EV stores. Once the DB are done, don't forget that NBU is performing the backup of the EV stores within the snapshot taken at the begining of the process so there is not reason to keep EV in read-only at this time.

This is how I understand it, maybe I'm wrong.

Authorised Symantec Customer ;)

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Good point about the snapshots - though the guide gives an either / or answer:

To ensure consistency when backing up a fingerprint database, you should add
all open partitions of the vault store group and the fingerprint database in the
same policy. By grouping these components into a single policy, you can ensure
that the specified Vault Stores remain in backup mode until all snapshots are
taken or the backup finishes. Configuring a policy in this way also means that the
vault stores spend less time in backup mode.

I have never noticed this myself and on the versions i have seen it remained in backup mode until the backup of the partition finished as far as i recall (dont often use it as it is often too slow once the partitions get too big)

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