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Netbackup 7.1 MS Sharepoint 2010 - status 1

Created: 20 Nov 2012 • Updated: 21 Nov 2012 | 3 comments
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Hi all,

I´m having a problem to do backup of my sharepoint portal server.

My job finished with status 1, I already reviewed all configurations but nothing´s wrong was found.

I attach screen of active monitor job and bpbkar log of client.

Can anybody help me?


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The errors in the log file are:

09:14:52.802: [11376.8360] <16> dtcp_read: TCP - failure: recv socket (460) (TCP 10058: Can't send after socket shutdown)

So this looks network related but seems to happen quite quickly - 2 minutes into the log

Maybe check the server to make sure that there is no firewall or anything else (anti-virus / access protection) blocking the sockets

Also do a netstat - the server may just be running out of usable ports if it is very busy

The only other thing i can thing is that it goes to make a connection to part of the farm and there is not a NetBackup client installed on one of the components

All assuming all other pre-reqs have been met, especially as you are doing GRT backups so NFS etc comes into play

Hope this helps

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Not enough details to find out what happen. The scoket error looks like a network connection.

How big is your Sharepoint data, is it GRT or non-GRT?  Do you have the job details of the status 1 job?

The GRT backup would require a media server with NFS enabled. Check the bpbrm log to see if there is any error for the NFS mount. If that part is failng, backup could not process the GRT portion of the data.

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We discovered a fail in the configuration files search in sharepoint, sharepoint administrator fix the problem and the job is ok now.

Attach is error in job detail.

Thank you very much for attention.



Verneti Berny

Unileaf - Brasil