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NetBackup 7.1 - Unable to logon to NetBackup MS SQL client

Created: 14 May 2013 • Updated: 14 May 2013 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Let me first say - the backups work and all is fine. We created/copied the script for the SQL backups in the ........../DbEct directory. Policy working.

Client = Windows 2008 server.

NetBackup = 7.1

I need to be able log onto the NBU MS SQL Client to configure restore and other parametes.

I Remote Desktop Connection to the Client with the Domain ID with full ADMIN rights.

The ID has full authority in the Database security settings.

BUT I cannot logon to the NetBackup MS SQL Client program.

Refer to attached file with screenshots.

Please help.

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What is the Netbackup client service set to ?

Please note that when the NetBackup scheduler is used, backup operations that are launched from a daemon process called the NetBackup Client Service. You must ensure that the Client Service has SQL Server privileges to perform backup and restore operations. If you use integrated security, you must ensure that the NetBackup Client Service specifies a Windows account that has been granted SQL Server administrative privileges.

In short, any account that will be used to access the SQL databases for backup and restores (this can the the native SQL 'sa' account; a Windows global account; or the default 'LocalSystem' account) MUST be a member of the SQL > Security > 'sysadmin' role; otherwise, NBU will not have sufficient privileges to backup and restore SQL databases.

Please see :  and

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I just solved it via Google and older Connect entries. One like this:

Anyway it turned out that the UAC was ticked to be active.

I unticked it - System to be restarted later - and then opened with right click (As Administrator).

And now I can see the databases and restoreable entries.

Thank you Marianne - if you do enter a note in here - I will give you the solution.


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Totally happy to give this solution to you, Willie.

You have done own research and found the answer.

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