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Netbackup 7.5 client Installation on HP-UX 11.23

Created: 19 Mar 2013 • Updated: 28 Mar 2013 | 7 comments
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We have Netbackup on Linux Master cum media server and we need to install Netbackup client software on a server having OS HP-UNIX 11.23..
I read somewhere that we can push this client directly from master or do we need to download client binaries and then install??

Client OS on which Netbackup needs to be installed :: HP-UX 11.23..

Please suggest!!

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this can be done only if you have a Unix/linux media server at your enviroment..

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Yes, i have a Linux 5.8 master cum media can i install client (HP UX 11.23) by pushing from master server..

Could you please let me know the procedure??

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it is not clear to me if the linux is a master or media server. I assume that it is a media server with the windows 2008 R2  as a master.

  • You have to install the client binaries for HPUX to the linux media server. The binaries can be installed by running the ./install of the clients iso.

  • Configure the client to a policy. be careful to use the right OS and hardware.

  • run on the media server the command:
    ./install_client_files ssh client_name

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We have linux master cum media, now please let me know the exact steps that i should follow..

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the same steps.

Only the update_clients is diferent on media sever.

You can find more about install_client_files at the netbackup administration manual.

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Exact steps are listed in NBU Installatiion Guide:

See chapter 7; Installing NetBackup client software 

Read the section called: Remote (push) installations.

Firstly install 7.5 Client software for HP-UX on the master server as per this topic in the manual:

Adding a UNIX client after initial server installation

Follow all the steps as per the manual, then re-install Client patch with 'NB_update.install -p'  to force-install the patch.

Next, decide which push-install method and follow steps as per the manual:

■ rsh
See “Installing client software with the rsh method” on page 134.
■ ftp
See “Installing client software with the ftp method” on page 137.
■ ssh
See “Installing client software with the ssh method” on page 139.
■ sftp
See “Installing client software with the sftp method” on page 139.

Hope this helps.

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Hello Stefanos & Marianne,

Many Thanks!! This is done now..