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NetBackup 7.5 - Error when detecting VNX 5300 X-Blades (NDMP)

Created: 24 Apr 2013 • Updated: 30 Mar 2014 | 6 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


Got a 30 day trial version for Netbackup 7.5, successfully installed it.

When I tried to execute a backup on my VNX 5300 X-Blades (NAS) I get this error message.

The X-Blades are configured as NDMP hosts. Iv'e checked the compatibility with HCL and it is supported.

Software running on my X-Blades is VNX File 7.1 which is supported by NetBackup.


As I understand the Enterprise Disk option is licensed per TB of backup data.

If I understand it right for 10 servers with 600 GB HD with only 200 GB consumed per each server.

This will yield a backup size of 2 TB (10 servers x 200 GB). Does this mean I will need to purchase 2 TB capacity for the Enterprise Disk option ?

I also plan to attach a tape library with two tape drives will this be covered by my Enterprise Disk Option or do I need to purcahase a different license or option?


My VNX 5300 has two x-blades both are active at the same time (active-active)

Should I get

1xNDMP option Tier 3            or  2x NMDP option Tier 2

Whats the difference between the two ?

Sorry for the questions above, would really appreciate any inputs and feedback.



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Check if you have enabled ports in between (for NDMP port 10000 must be enabled)
You are correct for enterprise disk you need to purchase 2 tb (consider next couple of years growth while purchase)
Tape library are licensed per drive being used and is not covered under enterprise disk option
It must be licensed seperately
for NDMP tier sync with Symantec sales rep as they have tiering sheet which would help you.
However NDMP are licensed per active controller
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NDMP session have been established, so i doubt that the user or password you registered in NetBackup is incorrect. Please confirm  if the user you specified('ndmp' user) exists on VNX. Also try to re-enter correct password for this user in [Media and Device Management]-[Credentials]-[NDMP hosts]

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Thanks for the reply... will open a ticket from symantec....

If I purchased a Dell TL2000 and connect it directly to my cisco md9148 san switch,will I be able to use that for ndmp backups? Or do I need to connect my TL2000 directly to my NDMP HOST (vnx 5300 xblade)?

Will I need to purchase a license similar to shared storage option for backup exec if multiple backup servers share a single tape library for netbackup...

Can I use a volume as my target storage device for my ndmp backups? Do I need to present or conne t this storage device to my netbackup server?


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You can use them with SAN switch being mediator in between.

for tape drives being shared across multiple media servers, you need to buy shared storage option (per drive being shared)

for Volume as target for backups, presuming you are considering ndmp backups on DISK storage you have on master/media server, if so then you can use it. But if you want to make ndmp backups on same filer under different volume, then you need to have those LUNS mapped to master/media server

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So as I understand if I connect the tl2000 on my san switch, this can be shared between my ndmp hosts or backup servers and I can execute a ndmp local backup?

But I will need to buy SSO for each drive that is shared between ndmp hosts?

if I want to initiate a local ndmp backup of multiple ndmp hosts to a shared tape library using ndmp local backup which device will control the tape library?

For a volume as my backup syorage for ndmp devices, as I understand I will not be able to execute a ndmp local backup...


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You can physically connect tape drives to multiple media servers and ndmp hosts without any additional license as far as each drive is owned by one host. But if you want to share drives in NetBackup, you need to purchase SSO license per drive.

When configuring robots in NetBackup, you need to specify one robot control host. Robot control can not be shared. if it goes down, any backup using this robot will fail. So be careful when configuring robot. You should connect robots to most reliable netbackup servers in each site.

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