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Netbackup 7.5 Master server installation on Windows 2008 R2 SP1

Created: 13 Aug 2012 • Updated: 28 Aug 2012 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi Everyone,

I am facing a problem while installing the master server setup on a windows 2008 r2 sp1 machine. The setup goes on fine till the stage where it calls and waits for the completion of tpext.exe command. When the command is initialized and I check the services column I find the nbemm.exe services running and after a while the execution attempts to stop the nbemm.exe service and proceed ahead for the setup to complete.

Now the issue is the setup keeps itself waiting for hours for the tpext.exe command completion which doesn't complete just because the setup on its own is unable to stop the nbemm.exe service. When I manually kill the nbemm.exe service via command line the setup proceeds ahead and gives the message of successful installation. But when I start the console and in host properties when I click on master server it gives the error "Unable to communicate with the EMM server : 77 " "Unable to list the devices". 

I have tried formatting the system. Also upgrading the Netbackup version to but in vain. Kindly help me with this issue.

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During installation process . Do you see any events logged ?

Disable UAC for temporary purpose during installation

Post installation is forcefully completed (manually killing process) share the install logs

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Can you check with WMI permission sets on user you are trying to install

Make sure local install and local activation is allowed for this user

Netbackup uses WMI for deployment

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Would recommend to perform Clean install

Folow below for removing garbage


  • Un-install it with regular method (Add-Remove program)
  • Delete all the derectory named VERITAS (if only NBU was installed, do not remove Directory if other product from Veritas is also installed e.g SF etc)
  • Unhide folders (from Tools Folder Option, view)
  • Navigate to C:\program data\
  • Search and remove Veritas directory
  • open Regedit (Backup registry before deletion)
  • And remove below registry
  • HKLM\Softwares\Veritas
  • Remove all veritas folder reference from below path
  • HKLM\Softwares\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Folders
  • HCU\Softwares\Veritas
  • Clear temp path
  • Reboot Server

As per logs there is pending reboot from pervious operations do that First

There was similar issue but was with solaris where temp path variable was causing issue. re-verify your variables

now move your existing install logs to another path and perform clean install

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It looks like int he log the EMM isnt being configured or cannot come online..

This usually is caused by a PBX problem like its not being installed or cant be installed properly by the time the EMM is ready to start up.

I would suggest 2 things here.. one uninstall and remove all directories that are associated with Netbackup, reboot the system..

Redownload the Installer for 7.5 on a system or connection that isnt behind your company firewall (or through if you have too).

Reinstall by right clicking on the Browser.exe and selecting "Run As Administrator" Then when the Server installer starts it will also run as Admin.

If it fails again please repost the new install log.

Best of Luck,


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If it is still an issue we have had to change DEP to essential Windows programs and services and reboot to get rid of a pbx problem during installation of netbackup 7.1. Besides that we disabled UAC, monitoring service and anitvirus program



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Finally we were able to fix the most critical issues that we were working on since the past few days.

  1. This was a network problem on the ILO of a chassis wherein when we were trying to install the Master server setup it used to stuck at tpext.exe and this was solved when we monitored the system very minutely where we had an eye on the network behavior and suddenly when the ping response for the master server went down the master server console started working fine.
  2. The above issue was resolved when we removed the teaming done between the NICs and after installation and configuration when we re-teamed the NICs the setup worked absolutely normal.
  3. The second issue was with the multihomed network that we had here with the media servers on AIX platform as they were unable to communicate to the master server whereas the master server was perfectly communicating with the media server. We checked our configuration several times but could not find the solution to the problem.
  4. This particular issue resolved when we made just one single entry in the bp.conf file for media server i.e “Preferred_Interface <master server ip> match <media server ip>” . This one single line resolved the problem and the media server started communicating with master server.
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Thanks everyone for sharing your valuable troubleshooting tips.

Have a nice day...!!!