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Netbackup 7.5 VMWare policy to protect SQL servers

Created: 23 May 2012 | 3 comments

Hello backup and recovery forum!

I have recently implemented a new VMWare policy in Netbackup 7.5. The new VMWare policy has SQL application protection policies enabled. Everything was working great until i noticed an issue.

To use the VMWare policy with application protection, you have to select the clients using a query. If the query fails on a particular server (a couple of servers had issues), there is no error message stating the query had failed. There is also no error produced stating that the backup has failed.

Has anyone experienced this issue or know any means of generating alerts for a similar situation?


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I see that you have received no response to your post.

This means that other users have either not tried this or they are not aware of the problem since no error is produced.

Also no documented as 'known issue' in NBU 7.5 LBN:

Probably best to log a support call for Symantec to investigate.

Please come back to us with outcome of Support call?

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In what way did the query fail?

Just curious how this was the case - are you saying that the query itself did not work or that a server was down or similar and therefore did not meet the query?

If it is a case that a server was down and so did not satisfy the query then i am unsure how that could be overcome - though i fully appreciate what you are getting at as if a "noraml" backup ran and a server was down it would show a failure whereas a query would simply not run a backup for that client.

The only way i can see around the issue is for you to have a pre-defined list of what you expect to run every night and compare that with what has actually run

An alternative is to set up an OpsCenter report listing client that have not been backed up in a certain period of time?

Hope this helps - Keep us updated if you do raise a case

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I have see all the options and commands that we can use under the new Query Builder, maybe you have an entry that is excluding the VM's and in this case they just dont fail, they are excluded because is what you are telling to the box to do, we know is not what you want but is what the Query is saying and can lead to this issues, there are 3 status you can get when you Query for VM's: Include, Exclude and Fail, only Fail will trigger and error and Include will only send an error in case something else happens to the client like a problem with a snapshot or other issues, but on the exlude side nothing will be reported.

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