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NetBackup - Time Incorrect for Restore

Created: 17 Jul 2012

I am trying to perform a restore from a backup I made.  The backup was made using remote NDMP.  It was a full b/u of a NetApp filer using snapshots.  I need to restore this to a diferent NetApp filer - same model and config.  I have created the restore filer as a remote NDMP client (Media Manager Storage, NDMP as the policy type with the path through a true NDMP filer.)  I am doing all of this from the Master server.  I have succesfully backed up from the destination filer using remote NDMP. The setup seems valid.

Opening the Backup, Archive, and Restore app I have no trouble finding the backup and having it listed.  However any restore I run fails.  The problem appears to be a time issue.  The backup of this data was begun at 1:30 PM on the afternoon of the 11th of July.  Because it us remote NDMP and the file sizes are large, the full backup did not complete until 3:00 AM the following morning, the 12th.  However Netbackup lists the start of the backup as 1:30 PM on the 11th, and the end of the backup as 3:00 AM on the 11th.  It did not change the date on a backup spanning midnight.  Now when I try to run the restore it fails with a "No files exist for the specified time period"  error.

Please help!