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Netbackup VMware policy system state.

Created: 11 Jan 2013 • Updated: 11 Jan 2013 | 2 comments
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Hi all,

I have created a policy to backup all of our VMWare servers using the VMWare policy.

Does this backup policy auto back up the system state, and if it does how do i see the system backup for recovery etc?



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The System State is part of your vmdk so if the server dies you restore the whole operating system

The individual files section does not back up the System State as a specific component like a normal backup does, though you may find some of the actual files within the Windows area of the files.

Hope this helps

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if you select the boot disk (boot vmdk) to be backup, it covers everyting related to your system not like regular bckups.

below is the vmware admin guide page 57

Virtual disk selection
Determines the kind of disks on the virtual machine that are included in the backup. This option
can reduce the size of the backup, but should be used with care. These options are intended
only for the virtual machines that have multiple virtual disks.
The following options are available:
■ Include all disks
Backs up all virtual disks that are configured for the virtual machine.
■ Exclude boot disk
The virtual machine's boot disk (for example the C drive) is not included in the backup. Any
other disks (such as D) are backed up. Consider this option if you have another means of
recreating the boot disk, such as a virtual machine template for boot drives.
See “About the Exclude disk options for Virtual disk selection” on page 60.
Note: A virtual machine that is restored from this backup cannot start up. Data files are
available in the restored data disks.
■ Exclude data disks
The virtual machine's data disks (for example the D drive) are not included in the backup
for this policy. Only the boot disk is backed up. Consider this option only if you have a
different policy that backs up the data disks.
See “About the Exclude disk options for Virtual disk selection” on page 60.
hope this helps.