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Created: 04 Aug 2013 • Updated: 08 Sep 2013 | 5 comments
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Catalog backup is failing with rc=96 (no scratches available).  My scratch pool has plently of scratch tapes, how do i make the catalog tape pool use a tape from the scratch pool?

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how many Robots you have in your master servers?

does the tapes in the Scratch pool showing any robot number?

most of the times its possible that the Scratch pool show the tapes but they are not in library.. (out side the library or offisite) which is very normal.

please check the below

1) check the density of the storage unit that you have selected for catalog policy.

2) look for the tapes in the scratch pool for the same density and showing the robot number..

if you dont fine the tapes showing the robot number that indicates  you dont have the tapes..

if you see the tapes in the scratch pool with the same density and the robot number do let us know..

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Let's see the results of 


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Hot Catalog will take from scratch if no tapes available in CatalogBackup pool.

In addition to above advice, please also check the folowing:

Ensure that no hardware expiration is set on scratch tapes. 

Double-check that scratch pool has scratch pool tick-box selected in pool properties.

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Is your Scratch pool configured as Scratch? sometimes we name the pool but we neever click on the checkmark that make it scratch, just double checking.


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We have 3 robots, one in production, one VTL, & one test.  Density & robot number checked out OK.  We did have tapes available in our netbackup pool, not sure about the scratch pool.   I moved one of the tapes from our netbackup pool to the catalog pool, and then the catalog backup used this tape without any problems.  Will the catalog pool use pull tapes from the Netbackup pool if the catalog pool is empty or just pull from the scratch pool if needed?  Yes scratch pool is configured as a scratch pool.