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NetBackup partial full media allocation issue

Created: 05 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
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Hello All,

I have just installed NetBackup and ran a policy more than once to test HP MSL4048 tape library. I have noticed that NetBackup allocates a new empty tape every time a new job kicks off ending up with lots of partial full media in the pool and depleting my scratch pool. From my understanding It should allocate the same tape until it gets full. To overcome this I had to set partially full media to 1. Does anyone have any idea what´s really going on with this new version. 

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does there any change in schedule type or retenction of backup when you are running the backup?

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Hello Nagalla,

No changes so far. Policy was started serveral times with the same retention level and pool.

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may be a screenshot of allocated tapes with allocated time and expire time along with valid images could help us to understand better..