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Netbackup Clients for AIX & Linux

Created: 21 Aug 2013 • Updated: 22 Nov 2013 | 2 comments
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I've upgraded my Master Server from v7.5.0.3 to v7.5.0.6 which is running Solaris. Now i'm backing up Servers of different platforms (Solaris, Linux, AIX and HP-UX). For Solaris servers, i was able to 'FTP' the client software and installed it with no issues. Now i want to upgrade the other servers (Linux & AIX) but there's no install file on the clients folder under those 2 platforms and others, i only have a client for Solaris.

root:/opt/openv/netbackup/client/RS6000/AIX53# ls -l
total 0
How does the install work?? Does it only install the packages of the Master Server (Solaris)?... becuase i had all the clients in my inatial install folder
root:/netbackup/Softwares/NBU_7.5.0.6# ls
NB_7.5.0.6.solaris.tar                VrtsNB_7.5.0.6.preuninstall           VrtsNB_CLT_7.5.0.6.MACINTOSH.tar.gz
NB_CLT_7.5.0.6.tar                    VrtsNB_7.5.0.6.solaris.tar.gz         VrtsNB_CLT_7.5.0.6.README
NB_update.install                     VrtsNB_CLT_7.5.0.6.HP-UX-IA64.tar.gz  VrtsNB_CLT_7.5.0.6.RS6000.tar.gz
VrtsNB_7.5.0.6.README                 VrtsNB_CLT_7.5.0.6.HP9000-800.tar.gz  VrtsNB_CLT_7.5.0.6.Solaris.tar.gz
VrtsNB_7.5.0.6.postinstall            VrtsNB_CLT_7.5.0.6.INTEL.tar.gz       VrtsNB_CLT_7.5.0.6.postinstall
VrtsNB_7.5.0.6.postuninstall          VrtsNB_CLT_7.5.0.6.Linux-IA64.tar.gz  VrtsNB_CLT_7.5.0.6.postuninstall
VrtsNB_7.5.0.6.preinstall             VrtsNB_CLT_7.5.0.6.Linux.tar.gz       VrtsNB_CLT_7.5.0.6.preinstall

So now, how do i upgrade my other servers? i remember i had the same problem with v7.5, i had to download Netbackup 7.5 CLIENTS separately. If this is still the case, then where do i find them been looking everywhere. 

Thanks in advance

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You need to start the NBU 7.5 Client install on the master server, then select the AIX and Linux client binaries.

When completed, you need to re-run the patch install for the Client software. 
Run NB_update.install with '-p' to force-install the patch.

You will now be able to ftp client binaries or else use update_clients script.

Installation of Client software on the master is covered in NetBackup Installation Guide for UNIX and Linux

See this topic in chapter 7: Adding a UNIX client after initial server installation

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

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Ok, This is what i did on my Master Server (Solaris). I copied this file "VrtsNB_CLT_7.5.0.6.RS6000.tar.gz" to another directory and untar it and then moved the AIX53 folder to directory /usr/openv/netbackup/client/RS6000

I then ran the 'ftp_to_client' script, ran succesfully.
ftp completed successfully.
The root user on <host> must now execute the command
"sh /tmp/bp.3442/client_config [-L]".  The optional argument, "-L",
is used to avoid modification of the client's current bp.conf file.
Checked and it upgraded to v7.5.0.6