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netbackup 7.5.0.x support for vsphere 5.0 u1 (update1)

Created: 21 Nov 2012 • Updated: 17 Dec 2012 | 1 comment
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can someone confirm that vshpere 5.0 u1 is supported in netbackup

in the support document for virtual environments it only mentions that netbackup supports vsphere updates unless otherwise mentioned...

that's not very reassuring to me....

thanks for you replies,


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I can confirm that vSphere 5.0U1 is supported in all versions which support vSphere 5.0 (which means from NetBackup onward...which definitely includes all 7.5, including!) 

DOCUMENTATION: Support for NetBackup 7.x in virtual environments (updated November 7, 2012).

The specific note (I'm assuming this is the one you're worried about):

■ Unless otherwise stated, NetBackup for VMware supports VMware updates.

...basically says "unless we explicitly say IT IS NOT SUPPORTED," you should consider it supported.  So, if there's a 5.0U2 or 5.0U17 in the future, it would still be supported unless we make a special note of an exception.

Note that we currently DON'T support vSphere 5.1 - it's not considered an "update" of 5.0 but rather a "new release."  I believe we've alluded to future plans for 5.1 support in another thread here on Connect, but I don't have any hard facts on the what and when of that one, so I won't speculate here.  (EDIT: Oh!  Drew Meyer wrote a blog all about this - go read that instead!  And if you have any further questions, please feel free to tack a reply onto that blog.)

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