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NetBackup accelerator policy validation failed

Created: 03 Jul 2014 • Updated: 04 Jul 2014 | 6 comments
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Hi, we are helping a customer to setup accelerator policy. The customer's master server is NBU on Windows Server 2008 R2. When we created the policy to use accelerator in Windows Remote Administration Console, it shows some error message similar to the one below:

To use the accelerator, select storage units from supported storage server:

PureDisk Deduplication (PDDO), Media Server Deduplication (MSDP), Symantec clouds, and other qualified storage servers. 

Currently configured and supported storage servers are:

PureDisk on <servername>

I did some research and find there is Symnatec KB which talks about this:

In our case, we tried to run Windows Remote Administration Console from both master and media servers (media servers are also NBU on Windows Server 2008 R2) but got the same error.

My question is: besides try Java Console, are there any other ways to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance. 

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If you check your licensing on the master, is the accelerator feature listed? Do you have a deduplication license? What dedupe storage do you have in the environment? Accelerator can only work with MSDP / Appliance and DD (on 7.6.0.x)

UNIX# bpminlicense -list_keys -verbose | grep -i Accelerator

Windows> bpminlicense -list_keys -verbose | findstr Accelerator


Riaan Badenhorst

ITs easy :)

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My question is: besides try Java Console, are there any other ways to resolve this issue? 

Yes - the command line. 

Using "override storage unit" on schedule level ?. Are one or more schedules pointing to storage unit that don't support accelerator ?

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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You have not shared any information about backup storage. 

Please tell us more about customer's environment and all types of backup storage added in this environment.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

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Thanks for your answers. 

I managed to resolve this issue by using the following method:

1) Created a backup policy without enable accelerator

2) Open the newly created policy in 1) and update it to enable accelerator. 

I tested and it is working now. Seems this is a bug of Windows Remote Administration Console.

Btw, the backup storage is DD.

Thanks again.

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hi, liuyang

Try the following command to enable accelerator.

bpplinfo <policy_name> -modify -use_accelerator 1

[root@xxx admincmd]# ./bpplinfo
USAGE: bpplinfo policy_name -L|-l|-U [-v] [-M master_server,...]
       bpplinfo policy_name -set|-modify [-v] [-M master_server,...] [-reason "<reason>"]
           [-generation generation]
           [-active | -inactive] [-pt policy_type]
           [-job_subtype sub_type]
           [-ut] [-ef effective_time]
           [-residence label]
           [-pool label]
           [-priority priority]
           [-rfile flag] [-blkincr flag]
           [-multiple_streams flag] [-keyword "keyword phrase"]
           [-encrypt flag]
           [-collect_tir_info value] [-compress flag]
           [-crossmp flag] [-follownfs flag]
           [-policyjobs max_jobs(0=unlimited)]
           [-chkpt flag] [-chkpt_intrvl minutes]
           [-collect_bmr_info flag]
           [-application_consistent flag]
           [-sg (server_group | *ANY* | *NONE*)]
           [-data_class (data_classification | *NULL*)]
           [-res_is_stl (0 | 1)]
           [-granular_restore_info (0 | 1)]
           [-ignore_client_direct (0 | 1)]
           [-use_accelerator (0 | 1)]
           [-application_discovery (0 | 1)]
           [-discovery_lifetime seconds]
           [-ASC_apps_attr (exchange:;truncatelogs=1 | exchange:,mssql:,sharepoint:) ]
           [-enable_meta_indexing (0 | 1) -index_server_name "<index server name>"]
           [-optimized_backup (0 | 1)]
           [-ExchangeSource (3=off | 1=PassiveDB | 2=ActiveDB | 0=PassiveDB_if_available_else_ActiveDB)]
           [-Exchange2010Server server,...]


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Hi, liuyang,

It's a known issue in 7.5.X.
The root cause is some function is failing when GUI is run on remote host. But, it runs successfully when the same function is run on master server.

Workaround options:
1. Use the JAVA Console.
2. Use the Windows Admin Console from a Media Server.
3. Use the Admin Console from the Master Server.
4. Copy installpath\VERITAS\NetBackup\var\global\device_mappings.txt from a master or media server to the same location on the Remote Administration Console machine.

Based on my experience, the following steps can also resolve the issue:
o) create an STU;
o) close NetBackup Administrator Console and re-open it (NBU flash the STU info into map file);
o) create policy with Accelerator enabled, it should works fine.