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NetBackup AIR for old Backup images

Created: 03 May 2014 • Updated: 26 Aug 2014 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have implemented AIR in my existing NBU environments and it is working correctly as designed for any new backup is performed. Is there a way to get one of the old backup image (The backup which was performed to Tape prior to implementing AIR) duplicated using AIR SLP so that it can be imported in my Target Master at DR site?

My environment:

Source Master: NBU running on RedHat Linux 5.5

Target Master: NBU running on RedHat Linux 5.5

DataDomain (Both Sites) DDOS

OST Plugin

Operating Systems:

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​I don't know any way of doing what you are asking, but hopefully someone can help you with it.

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You can manually try to duplicate it from Tapes to either MSDP or PureDisk and then try using the "nbreplicate" command to manually replicate the image.

But for 3rd party storage devices this method has not been tested nor is it supported.

You can try following the steps from the below link but it may or may not help, but it's worth a try.

FYI: DataDomain is not supported for AIR replication as per Symantec HCL.. Refer to page 27-29

The 6th point on page 29 clearly states that you need NBU 7.6 for using AIR.

For UNIX its point 3 on page 30

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Amol: Thank you for the tech note. We are not using NetBackup Appliances so this will not work for me. EMC Does support AIR with DDOS 5.4 and OST Plugin 2.6 and NBU 7.5. We are currently using it in number of Production NBU Environments (Many to one DR Master as well as one to one in some cases). 

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Currently I have a workaround. I am duplication Backup images to Local DataDomain using BasicDisk Storage Unit (CIFS Share on Windows Media Server), the Directory on DataDomain is replicating to DR site so I have Backup images at DR site. On DR site, the Target Directory is also shared, BasicDisk storage unit is created in DR Master. Here I perform Phase 1 and phase 2 imports for Images I replicated. It works but all manual and takes time. So looking to laverage AIR if possible.

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Old post that is still unresolved....

You may want to try nbreplicate.



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