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netbackup AIR schedule & bandwidth

Created: 30 Aug 2012 • Updated: 30 Aug 2012 | 2 comments
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     I try to research about Netbackup AIR feature,

Can we schedule the image replication at the specific time or schedule?

Can we limit (throttle) the bandwidth that use to replicate the image?

Thank you.

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Hi - some answers for you ...

1. You cannot schedule the replication times - they use Storage Lifecycle Policies so duplication will run shortly after the back finishes - all you could do is make the SLP inactive until you want it to run and then make it active when you do want it to run - easy to do in a script file and use a standard scheduler to run them

2. You can throttle bandwidth and it depends on how you want to do it and how your de-dupe system is set up. There is a setting in the pd.conf as well as one in the agent.cfg file - here is a nice little white paper all about it:

Hope this helps

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Thank you very much