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Netbackup Alternate VM restore with different host name.

Created: 24 Jan 2013 • Updated: 31 Mar 2013 | 4 comments
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I have Netbackup running on Linux with 4 media servers. I need to perform redirected recovery of VM with different host name onto same ESX while orignial host is live and running. I can see an option to change the "display name" in the recovery console, but not sure if it is the same options I am looking for. Can someone clarify on this.

Thanks in advance.


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As you work through the wizard you will get a lot of option - the display name is just the first

After that you get the choice of subnets and whether to power the machine on after restore

You also can obviously have it restored to a different location and by default the selection is not to overwrite the original

The restore to original location also gives lots of options

Either way - if you dont power it on or you remove its network it should be safe

Hope this helps

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Host name is held in OS, and recovery process of NetBackup for VMware is not aware of this. 

To change host name, disconnect all NICs on the recovered VM before booting, and after you boot the VM change host name in OS console.

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Completely agree with the above posts. The most important things to look out for is that the options to overwrite the existing VM and restore the original UUID are not selected - as Mark points out though, they shouldn't be selected as default when restoring to an alternate location.

Before restoring you can remove the networks, and then once the VM has been restored you can change any other hardware/settings prior to powering it on and changing the host name with it safely off the network.

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NBU backup should not be treated to what vCenter templates offers you.. Changing host SID, hostname during clone etc. NBU offers you flexibility to best extent where core product limits.

You can choose to restore it across other ESXi with Different Display name, with new UUID. For Changing hostname it's part of administration which can be done post backups are restored successfully.