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NetBackup Appliance 5020 - bandwidth

Created: 21 Nov 2012 | 1 comment

Hello All,

Could someone please let me know if there is a way to view the current bandwidth and job that is being sent to 5020 device…

We have a policy at our secondary data centre. We are trying to back up around 7TB from a file server and are getting very slow speeds to the Puredisk 5020 device.

The  Media server and 5020 storage unit and the File server all located in the same data centre,

The Media server NIC has been Team of 2X10gbs The file server is on a team 2X1GB Nics and I think the 5020 device is on the fibre 10Gig. 5020 is connected directly to the network and the file server should be backing up directly to the 5020 device.

The File server has the NB7.5.0.4 Client installed  along with the Member server, The Master NB server is also running on

The Backup policy from the master looks like…

Policy Type MS Windows,

Data Classification: NO Data Classification

Policy Storage SDC_XXX_XXX

Detailed status from activity monitor…

The policy looks a bit like…



KB/Sec 34521

IS there a way from the ops centre console or another way from the 5020 device where I can see what the current bandwidth is.

My first post here so please let me know if you need any more info

Many thanks


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I do have a partner doc which covers this and suggests using 3rd party tools but as you have an appliance that would not be supported

Based on this you would need to have your network team monitor the swicthes for performance / throughput figures

It would appear that there is nothing buiilt into the appliance

To increase performance ensure de-dupe compression is turned off on the appliance, make sure all disks are good and also that the cache battery is fully charged

From the CLSIH:

system> hwmon show disks

All need to be Online, Spun Up

From the operating system:

/opt/MegaRAID/MegaCli # ./MegaCli64 -adpbbucmd -getbbustatus -a0

Look for Relative and Absolute State of Charge Vaules - both should be in the high 90's

Hope this helps

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