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Netbackup appliance 5220 Web interface authentication error

Created: 12 Dec 2012 • Updated: 19 Dec 2012 | 3 comments's picture

Hallo guys,

We have in our company one unit of NBU 5220 for demo purpose and I would like to share a strange problem with the device.

Suddenly I’m unable to login via the web interface only using SSH. Tried almost anything and all is left to run Factory reset as final solution.

The Version is 2.5 (NBU 7.5.02).

after a bit of investigation in the log's using maintenance shell i found that the problem is JAVA see the attached log.

Did anyone add this problem in the past or it is a new "feature" .

Thx in advanced


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From the log it looks like the service is down.  If you go into "Support --> Processes" and run "AdminConsole Show" do you see all of the services as being up?  Have you restarted the appliance since seeing this problem?  Have there been any other changes with the environment or appliance?


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This is what i see in the log.. 

Unable To Connect To Server    

This may be a problem on the box itself with a host entry.. where the system may have the wrong IP or hostname entered. and when java attempts to start it cannot connect to itself and cause authentication to fail. 

Check /etc/hosts and see if there are any entries that are incorrect or not needed, if there are remove them and reboot see if that clears it up.

Best of Luck,


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Did you recently make this a media server only? We have one in our lab that when we took the 2.5.1 level of code and changed it entirely to a media server instead of a media / master server we lost the web connectivity.

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