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NetBackup Appliances 1.4.4 and 2.5.3 are now available!

Created: 08 Jul 2013 • Updated: 02 Mar 2015
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(crossposted from the Netting Out NetBackup blog)

I'm very pleased to announce that the next Release Updates for NetBackup Appliances is now available!

NetBackup 5000/5020/5030 Deduplication Appliances 1.4.4 is the equivalent Appliance patch release to NetBackup PureDisk 6.6.5.

This release contains almost 500 fixes!

More information on this release can be found at the following links:

NetBackup Deduplication Appliance 1.4.4 Patch (for NetBackup 5000, 5020, and 5030)

NetBackup Deduplication Appliance version 1.4.4 Release Notes (for NetBackup 5000, 5020 and 5030)

Documentation for NetBackup 5000/5020/5030 Deduplication Appliance version 1.4.4

NetBackup 5200/5220/5230 Appliances 2.5.3 is the equivalent Appliance patch release to NetBackup  New 5230s will ship with 2.5.3 installed.

It is a cumulative release containing fixes and content from through In addition, this release contains almost 600 additional fixes (bringing the total fixes in to over 1700!) including the most commonly downloaded EEBs, several customer escalations, and internal engineering defects.

It also contains a firmware update to resolve the issue described in TECH207318.

Information about 2.5.3 and download links are available here:

NetBackup Appliance 2.5.3 Patch (for NetBackup 5200, 5220 and 5230)

The 2.5.3 Update can only be applied to an Appliance already running at version 2.5 or above.

To check to see if your particular Etrack is resolved in 2.5.3 (NetBackup, please refer to both sets of Release Notes:

NetBackup Release Notes

NetBackup Appliance 2.5.3 Release Notes for NetBackup 52xx

More documentation can be found here:

Links to the Symantec NetBackup 52xx Appliance Documentation