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NetBackup Appliances is now available!

Created: 04 Aug 2014 • Updated: 10 Nov 2014 | 5 comments
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(crossposted from the Netting out NetBackup blog)

I’m extremely happy to announce that NetBackup Appliances is now Generally Available!

NetBackup is the latest update for NetBackup 52xx Appliances and the equivalent Appliance patch release to NetBackup  It can be applied in an upgrade to Appliances running ANY 2.5.x or 2.6.0.x version.

This release includes all 336 fixes included in the NetBackup release, including resolutions for most commonly downloaded EEBs, customer escalations, and critical internally found defects.

The release also contains:

  •     Built-in VLAN support
  •     Active Directory CLISH configuration
  •     Web console usability enhancements

To download, please visit the following page:

NetBackup Appliance Release

To check to see if your particular Etrack is resolved in NetBackup Appliances, please refer to these Release Notes:

Symantec NetBackup 52xx Appliance Release Notes - Release

The documentation pack for this release can be found here:

Complete Symantec NetBackup 52xx Appliance Documentation Set - Release

The NetBackup Appliances Late Breaking News can be found here:

NetBackup 5xxx appliance series Late Breaking News

Bookmark the NetBackup Appliances Common Topics page to have these and many more useful links handy:

Finally, more information on this release can be found by accessing the NetBackup release announcement, which is also available here on Connect:

Operating Systems:

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Morten Seeberg's picture

Nice release, and typical that I just spent last night configuring VLAN on a :-)

Did you restore something today?

Morten Seeberg's picture

Might be a few bugs around VLAN tagging and initial Appliance install, if you ONLY have IP´s on VLAN´s. I am working with support to have it fixed.

Will update here once it´s clear what the problem is.

Did you restore something today?

SRP's picture

Could I have confirmation (a nervous boss!!!) that:

Master Appliance running on can go straight to




CRZ's picture

Do you mean 2.5.2? 

Yes, 2.5.2 to upgrade is OK. | APPLBN | 761LBN

SRP's picture


Whoops... too many 0 and . !!!

Thanks for that.